The JA ranch produces its own horses each year. We maintain a small band of mares, and raise colts to be used on the ranch. Confirmation, stamina, and disposition are very important due to the demanding rough country of the JA. Each cowboy is responsible for his own string. This includes the starting, and finishing of his horses. This gives the JA the ability to produce quality functional horses. Stylish 2000 (2002-2015) displayed the characteristics we were looking for, and was an asset to our horse program.

In 1997 the American Quarter Horse Association honored the JA ranch and Montie Ritchie with one of the AQHAs first ever Legacy Awards. This award recognizes breeders who have provided a foundation for the quarter horse industry. The JA ranch has bred quarter horses since the 1930s and the present day stock traces back to those first horses.

JA Ranch Horses

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Stylish 2000 (2002-2015).

JA Ranch Standing Stud: Stylish 2000

Bay Stallion foaled in 2000.

Stylish was an excellent match with the JA mares, producing colts with natural cow sense and good dispositions.

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